Activities and Programs

Our principle is reaching people who need help and support whether in the field of education, health. That is why, we have a wide range of activities.

Fields of activity:

We provide scholarship for primary, secondary, higher education. Also for BA, MA and PHD. We also provide dorms for students and we provide them with their health needs and social needs.

Founding kinder gardens, primary schools, secondary schools, faculties, educational centers, sports facilities, training centers, art centers... Opening clinics, health cabin, hospitals, faculties, universities, and supporting Quran and religious courses... (10% of the students will be those who have financial needs).

The receipt of necessary regulatory permits to build facilities for child care (homeless and orphans ) and for those who have special needs. There will also be centers for those who need care and attention, love, home, shelter. We will also work on building children's campus, rehabilitation center for the disabled , a nursing home for the elderly and a shelter, sports facilities . We also need to cooperate with organizations engaged in such activities, material and meet the spiritual needs of the families organizations.

We will also work at the cultural level through providing a number of educational documents (art, novels, science...). We will also publish magazines and newspapers (periodical or non-periodical) publications, brochures and other styles available in publications, purchase the works and copyright of the author, printing, bookstore, publishing, education and social activity centers, research -work and open studios and documentation centers.

Organizing cultural meeting and seminars and building a library for different types of books for all ages.

Conducting researches in different fields and encouraging people to participate in the drafting of these researches and to take part of scientific activities, forums, conferences...

Building relationships with civil society associations that are comaptible with the company's principles and goals, these associations can be national or international ones ,have to be working under law regualtions and willing to provide help and support whenever needed. Along with these associations, we will work on reaching people in need and providing them with the help that they require (food, clothes, cleaning sets..) This can be done through founding food banks, organizing educational camps..

Doing activities that would raise awareness for the environment, coordinating with assiciations in this field.

Receiving help from people and associations willing to provide support.

Devoting facilites for religious activities.